Spoon sweets and jams are closely linked to the tradition, manners and customs of our place. Welcoming our friends with a sweet spoon and a glass of cool water is an old and popular habit, indicative of the traditional Pelion hospitality.

Fruits preserved in honey or petimezi are often mentioned in ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine literature. When you grow up in a house full of smells and aromas from traditional recipes of mom and grandma, these memories are never lost!

We remember the famous “retzelia” of the grandmother (usually pumpkin or eggplant), which are kept in petimezi. Thus was born the idea within us to return to tradition and offer the consumer unique traditional products.

In the beautiful and enchanting Portaria of Pelion, near the path of the Centaurs, overlooking Volos and the Pagasitikos, under the bright Greek sun, is the production unit of our traditional products.

We were a family business and with a lot of fun, passion and home care we prepare, since 1978, our products (sweets, jams, apple syrup, and apple cider vinegar) following with reverence the traditional recipes of our family, which we keep unchanged from generation to generation.

We rely on the local production of the wider area of ​​Pelion, which has a natural wealth of fruits and berries of exceptional variety and quality. We use only fine and pure ingredients, emphasizing the careful selection and sorting of fruits, in order to achieve the best taste and aesthetic result.